Untended Hearths: First Foray

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No food is tastier than an empty stomach, for only it tastes like home.

A Cliffpit saying

It is said that your ancestors once lived under a sapphire sky, merry and carefree. That crimson rains never swooped from the sky, that rivers did not change their flow overnight, that cliffs and ridges stayed put for many lifetimes, and that no dwarf went hungry. 

You have not born witness to such wonders.

The magical unrest known as the Wayward exploded into this world centuries ago, turning it into a treacherous and uncaring world, fearsome in its volatility. 

The caves of Cliffpit and hunger are everything you have ever known, but you must now venture beyond the confines of our home. For sickness, famine and death have taken root, and it is not likely we will recover without aid. Venture to Gorgefell, a pre-Wayward hamlet some 10 days away. There, unearth the location of Whitewall. Before the cataclysm, it was one of our greatest cities, and it may provide us with sanctuary.

Collect your belongings, gather your wits and sharpen your steel. Our hopes and futures live and die with you. And most of all - beware the Wayward.


An original system using d12 dice, The Wayward is a game about playing the roles of dwarven survivors in a postapocalyptic fantasy world. It combines a swift and intuitive resolution system inspired by the Forged in the Dark framework with diverse, deep and satisfying gameplay. 

You will navigate a fantasy landscape torn asunder by a magical apocalypse, take what you need by steel or smarts, and experience the corrupting and insidious effect of the Wayward, still seeping out of every crack of the world.

First Foray is the first of three tales in the Untended Hearths cycle.


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GM: Luka
Igrača: 4
Sustav: The Wayward