Untended Hearths: The Sorceress' Tower

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It has been three weeks since you arrived at Gorgefell and made contact with the dwarves living there.

Now, plans are being made to venture out to Whitewall and make contact with its denizens. However, we must consider the newly-acquired information that it is humans living in Whitewall, not dwarves. As such, we cannot expect their allegiance, and must expect to trade, or worse.

A few days east of Gorgefell is an ancient pre cataclysmic tower, the home of the great elven sorceress Lorelei. Your group is to make a stop there, and salvage anything we can use in Whitewall. Although the sorceress is expected to have long perished, be on your guard. Our scouts tell us that, in addition to any leftover hazards within the tower, strange monstrous humanoids have been seen near the tower.

Collect your belongings, gather your wits and sharpen your steel. Our hopes and futures live and die with you. And most of all - beware the Wayward.


An original system using d12 dice, The Wayward is a game about playing the roles of dwarven survivors in a postapocalyptic fantasy world. It combines a swift and intuitive resolution system inspired by the Forged in the Dark framework with diverse, deep and satisfying gameplay. 

You will navigate a fantasy landscape torn asunder by a magical apocalypse, take what you need by steel or smarts, and experience the corrupting and insidious effect of the Wayward, still seeping out of every crack of the world.

The Sorceress' Tower is the second of three tales in the Untended Hearths cycle.


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GM: Luka
Igrača: 4
Sustav: The Wayward