Untended Hearths: Upheaval - Part 2


Nearly three months have passed since the first expedition out of our homeland. Three months during which we have achieved much, yet our final goal still looms before us.

Whitewall. The keep and capitol of our ancestors, a proud dwarven city built above three merging rivers. Now, scouts say that the rivers, much like the dwarven population of Whitewall, have all but dried out. Instead, it is humans who dwell there, and who have seized our birthright.

You will form a small group and head to Whitewall. By smarts or by steel, subtlety or skirmish, you must return to us with the treasures that belong to us. 

Collect your belongings, gather your wits and sharpen your steel. Our hopes and futures live and die with you. And most of all - beware the Wayward.


An original system using d12 dice, The Wayward is a game about playing the roles of dwarven survivors in a postapocalyptic fantasy world. It combines a swift and intuitive resolution system inspired by the Forged in the Dark framework with diverse, deep and satisfying gameplay. 

You will navigate a fantasy landscape torn asunder by a magical apocalypse, take what you need by steel or smarts, and experience the corrupting and insidious effect of the Wayward, still seeping out of every crack of the world.

Upheaval is the final of three tales in the Untended Hearths cycle.


Nije potrebno poznavanje sustava. 

Upheaval je posljednja avantura u sklopu ovog ciklusa. Prvi session igra se 20.3., a drugi 23.3. Poželjno je da igrači budu prisutni na oba sessiona.

Prijave se otvaraju

GM: Luka
Igrača: 4
Sustav: The Wayward