Wicked Ones

Wicked Ones is a game about a group of evil monsters building a dungeon. You build traps and other defenses to keep the hoard you gather out of the hands of the greedy adventurers coming to steal it away. You play to find out just how long you can survive against the inevitable onslaught of heroism your misdeeds bring. You find out why monsters need to hoard all that gold, who builds all those traps, and how much fun killing adventurers is. You're the villains of this story. You are Wicked Ones.

Monsters are deeply flawed creatures, driven by base desires. There are those, however, who are able to keep their baser impulses in check, rally others to their cause, and focus on a grander scheme. These formidable individuals are known among monsterkind as Wicked Ones. You play a group of them that, in understanding there is strength in numbers, have banded together in order to build a dungeon from scratch. You raid civilized lands, gather a hoard, cause mayhem, cast dark rituals, discover long forgotten things deep in the earth, slay heroes, and suffer blowback from your evildoing, all while working towards accomplishing your master plan.

However, you’re not just fantasy monsters randomly causing chaos and mayhem. Monsters come and go, but the dungeon outlives them, binds them together, and gives them a purpose. You map it out in detail as it’s built, then breathe life into it through play with events like revelry after a victorious raid, calamity striking as a tunnel collapses on your minions, or facing off against adventurers who dare enter your sanctum. Your dungeon is the main character of this story.

Wicked Ones Cover