Baldur's Gate: Traitor's end

Sweat pours down your forehead while the light from the lantern dances on the cavern walls. As you slowly pass the tomb entrance you're having doubts, a whole battleguard of dwarves entered last night. Except the sounds of pitched battle and haunting screams of pain nothing else had been heard. A thick metallic stench of blood hangs heavy in the air. The cursed undead, you wouldn’t be wrong to turn back now and tell brother Bronzebeard that Durn’s remains are beyond your reach. But that would condemn another village to a gruesome fate.


Igrači moraju znati i razumjeti zadnjih 8 stranica u GURPS 4e lite PDFu koji je na linku.

GM: Boris
Igrača: 4
Sustav: GURPS