Rune Saga: The Convocation

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The Convocation

The Convocation is upon us once again.
A new Rune will make itself known within the moon. It calls out to all Runebearers to witness. 
Your Wyrd has accepted the call and travel toward the township of Helgen, where the summoning of the new Rune seems to be drawing you.
You know not what awaits you there, but the repercussions of a Convocation are often world-changing, as they draw in the powerful from every corner of the realm.


Each player plays a Runebearer, an immortal blessed with the divine power of a Rune.
Your characters have decided, for whatever reason, to band together and form a Wyrd, allowing them to link their Runes to create reality-bending effects.

Players will choose a pre-generated character and the Rune that they bear, which will grant them additional powerful abilities.

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GM: Domagoj
Igrača: 4