The Mandalorians

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Ba'jur bal beskar'gam, ara'nov, aliit, mando'a bal Mand'alor -an vencuyan mhi.
Education and armor, self-defense, our tribe, our language and our leader - all help us survive.
- Resol'nare, the Mandalorian Six Actions

Life is hard and unforgiving, here on the edges of the galaxy. Scoundrels and smugglers, bounty hunters and bandits, explorers and fugitives all scramble for a living. While doing so, they commit unspeakable acts, betray their promises and in the end, forget who they are and where they come from. But not you. You are Mando'ade, children of Mandalore. You live the way of your people every day, in every action and in every word. Your upbringing has made you take naturally to the profession of finding things, and people, that others have lost or want returned, even when such things don't want to return or be found. Others may call you bounty hunters, and worse, but you do not care. The only thing that matters is the job.

And what a job it is. The four of you banded together to find and bring back, dead or alive, a notorious pirate Bandin Dobah, whose men have been plaguing the Formos system, on the crossroads of two important trade routes in Hutt Space. Usually, one of you would be enough, but 20 previous attempts to bring him in have failed. The Hutts have offered you 40 bars of pure beskar to catch Dobah and bring him in; more than enough to repair four worn suits of armor. The odds are acceptable, and the pay adequate. You gather your gear, and step out of your ship in Formos spaceport. Time to go to work.

Life is hard, here on the edges of the galaxy. But you will meet it head on, and prevail. Because - this is the way!

Edge of the Empire je sustav izdavača Fantasy Flight Games. Ono što ga izdvaja od većine drugih sustava je to da koristi kocke sa simbolima umjesto brojeva. Kombiniranjem i međusobnim poništavanjem pozitivnih i negativnih simbola se određuju rezultati akcija koje igrači rade. To omogućava da sustav nije binaran (uspjeh/neuspjeh), nego se uz svaki rezultat mogu pojaviti i pozitivne i/ili negativne „nuspojave“. Sustav omogućava da uz GM-a i igrači sudjeluju u interpretiranju rezultata, a potiče filmsku akciju u duhu Star Wars settinga.

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