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Vistana dancer

Evil comes in many forms: the cruel smile of a vampire; the chilling touch of a noncorporeal hand; the glittering eyes of a man in whom the slavering beast lives; and the shuffling footsteps of those whom science or magic has kept alive far beyond their appointed hour. Yet evil also assumes many disguises. The wide eyes of a seemingly innocent child my hide a thirst for blood; the bright colors and lively steps of a Vistani dancer are no more than a front for thievery and murder. You may think me obsessed - me who sees only shadow and never light. You may think it odd that I, Dr. Rudolph van Richten, once a simple herbalist and healer have dedicated my life to eradicating evil. But you have not seen the horrors that I have. My son, corrupted by a vampire and begging me to drive into his heart the stake that would end his young life. My wife, torn to pieces in an act of murder and revenge. How could I continue to merely heal the bodies of my patients with my simple herbal remedies when their very souls were at risk? Until the evils that feed on our society are forever uprooted and destroyed, not one of us is safe. Not one. Dear companions, I implore you. Give me what aid you can in this long and dangerous task I have set for myself: A strong arm, a keen mind even a kind word is welcome. We must all do what we can to return decency and kindness to this world.

Dr. Rudolph Van Richten


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GM: Jura
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