Planewardens I

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Planewardens: Legacy of The Gatewatch

Planewardens OTK

Lady Vandree,

initial intelligence reports have confirmed the occurrence of numerous unexplained planar breaches across multiple planes within the last week. Reconnaissance conducted thus far indicates a number of breaches were followed by hostile raids conducted by unknown forces we have collectively codenamed as the Insurgent. The objectives of these incursions remain unknown at this time as little trace was left behind by the attackers, however we have identified several instances where we believe the raids may still be in progress. These present opportunities for us to act and we have prepared a mission package for assignment to your Wardens. Hopefully their efforts will uncover more information on the nature of these occurrences and the insurgents.

Good luck Director!

* * *

Operation Yuma

Realm: Eberron

Unexplained disappearances have started to occur in the city of Passage shortly after traces of a breach were detected in Aundair. While the victims seemed to be unrelated at first further investigation has discovered that all were scheduled to attend the maiden voyage of the new House Orien built lightning rail locomotive - The Thunderdrake. It is clear that the Insurgent are targeting this event. Wardens are to gain access to the train, uncover the enemy plans and prevent them from achieving their goals.


Operation Nighthawk

Realm: Faerun

A trade caravan on it's way to Targos was attacked by cultists near Termalaine. A single halfing survivor claims that the cultists spoke of a "world wound" that has appeared in the icy wastes and will grow to consume the world. Given that our diviners detected traces of a breach in the Icewind Dale region it is possible that these cultists are connected to the insurgents. Wardens are to travel to Termalaine, track down the cultists and ascertain the nature of this "world wound". Should the Insurgent be involved the mandate is to neutralize their activity.


Operation Anvil Moon

Realm: Exandria

There are increased rumors that the local criminal organization known as the Clasp has negotiated a new lucrative deal in trading smuggled Residuum glass. Apparently the shipments are sold to an unknown client and large deliveries are pouring into Kymal of all places. Given that a breach event was detected in the area recently it is not unlikely the Clasp are indeed supplying the Insurgent, but to what end? Send Wardens to infiltrate the Clasp and uncover the identity of the client as well as put a stop to the operation.


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