Planewardens II

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Planewardens: Legacy of The Gatewatch

Planewardens OTK

Operational overview
Planewardens Corps HQ - Special Activities Branch - Confidential


the Silent Chorus activity is on the rise. We are detecting breaches on new worlds now. It seems Krynn is of particular interest to the enemy and we should send a task force to counter them. We have also analyzed the intel from operation Yuma in detail and have a clear lead on enemy activity on that world. I'm sure your wardens are itching to get another go at them and here is their chance. An updated mission package has been prepared.

Good luck Director!

* * *

Operation Nighthawk
Realm: Faerun

A trade caravan on it's way to Targos was attacked by cultists near Termalaine. A single halfing survivor claims that the cultists spoke of a "world wound" that has appeared in the icy wastes and will grow to consume the world. Given that our diviners detected traces of a breach in the Icewind Dale region it is possible that these cultists are connected to the Silent Chorus. Wardens are to travel to Termalaine, track down the cultists and ascertain the nature of this "world wound". Should the Chorus be involved the mandate is to neutralize their activity.


Operation Anvil Moon
Realm: Exandria

There are increased rumors that the local criminal organization known as the Clasp has negotiated a new lucrative deal in trading smuggled Residuum glass. Apparently the shipments are sold to an unknown client and large deliveries are pouring into Kymal of all places. Given that a breach event was detected in the area recently it is not unlikely the Clasp are indeed supplying the Silent Chorus, but to what end? Send Wardens to infiltrate the Clasp and determine the identity of the client as well as put a stop to the operation.


Operation Rebel Yell
Realm: Eberron

Mission report from operation Yuma indicates the Silent Chorus have enlisted the services of clan Kech Volaar from the province of Daargun on the south of Khorvaire. Our spies have reported that their embassy at Rhuukhan Draal received several suspicious envoys recently and we are certain the information on their clients can be found within the building. Wardens are to gain access to the embassy and retrieve those files. Special Branch has secured a banner of safe passage for our agents to the Daargun capitol. They will pose as guards for a known kobold slaver.


Operation Redline
Realm: Krynn

War is raging in the province of Qualinesti. The evil dragon Beryllinthranox leads her forces against the elven defenders. General Laurana Kanan, leader of the elven armies has been abducted in a surprise raid. Unknown assailants have managed to bypass the magical wards that protect her camp during the night and defeat her guard taking the general behind enemy lines. Signs of a Breach clearly indicate that the Silent Chorus is involved. The elves are staging a rescue mission and unbeknownst to them they will be reinforced by our Wardens. The mandate is to rescue Laurana Kanan and find out more about Chorus activity on Krynn.


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