Planewardens IV Ravnica

Planewardens: Legacy of The Gatewatch


Operational overview

Planewardens Corps HQ - Special Activities Branch - Confidential

Director Vandree,

new mission package has been approved and is ready for tasking. As ordered, Operation Nighthawk had been conducted by a backup team with mixed results, but a new lead has opened up on Faerun for you to consider. Furthermore, the success of operation Anger Day was an important one as the individual that was leading the Chorus activities on Eberron had been positively identified as Sarkhan Vol, a powerful planeswalker. What reason he had for joining the Silent Chorus is unknown and makes little sense given what what we know of him, but after-action reports indicate he may not be acting of his own volition. Still for all intents and purposes purposes he is to be treated as hostile. As for the special mission to Ravnica - all arrangements have been made and Crixx Galvanvil is free to organize a field op.

As always, good luck Director!

Operation Delventure
Realm: Ravnica

Attention, wardens, we have a priority seek and retrieve mission available! One of our very own, Crixx Galvanvil, will lead you to a mission on the realm of Ravnica, his home turf. The task is to locate items of great importance to the research of the space-time anomalies. Galvanvil is nearing a breakthrough, but in order to finalize the experiment - and hopefully (if he doesn't blow himself into smithereens) - gain a significant advantage over the Silent Chorus, these items need to be found as soon as possible. There ought to be some urban exploration included, as the mission takes place in what seems to be a giant city spanning over the entire plane. Don't get surprised if you spend some time delving its dungeons and sewers in search of the items as well as data that Galvanvil needs. Your guide will provide you with all the necessary information.


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GM: Ragelance
Igrača: 4