Planewardens VII

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Planewardens: Legacy of The Gatewatch

Planewardens OTK

Operational overview

Planewardens Corps HQ - Special Activities Branch - Confidential

Greetings Director,
congratulations on the success of operation Redline. Our new ambassador - Kitiara uth Matar has already started securing vital alliances in our fight against the Silent Chorus. New intel has been analyzed and the mission package has been updated.

Good luck Director!


Operation: Dead Redemption
Realm: Faerun

Part of the Zulkirs treasure that was stolen by Silent Chorus is still unaccounted for. Given that their forces were decimated by a third party attack we may still manage to recover the missing piece of the stolen artefact if we act swiftly. No doubt the enemy will send reinforcements to the area so expect trouble. We also do not know who attacked the Chorus in the first place and what their intentions are but it is safe to assume we are not the only ones trying to recover the artefact. We are very close. Find the missing artefact piece in the Pyarados region, Thay awaits you once more...


Operation: Divine Restoration
Realm: Avernus 

A faction called The Gravekeepers has contacted us for a mission in Avernus. It appears that one of the godcorpses that they own in Astral has been stolen by Githyanki pirates. One of our advance teams has managed to apprehend and interrogate the criminals. As expected, the Silent Chorus is behind the heist and has already shipped the corpse to Avernus, to serve as a Wallbreaker Collosus in the Blood War. This is a highly unusual way to create a siege engine, and we suspect that this is a cover story for a much more sinister project. Your mission is to infiltrate the laboratory-fortress that is used to create the Collosus and find out more about the project, and how to stop it.


Operation: Dragnet
Realm: Athas

As our primary team was searching for the Pristine Tower we detected a strong source of psionic energy originating somewhere within the Estuary of the Forked Tongue region. Gaining a deeper understanding of these unique energies may give us an advantage in our efforts against the Silent Chorus. To that end we sent out an additional force accompanied by a field research team to investigate the phenomenon but they have not yet reported back and are currently considered missing in action. A search and rescue mission has been approved.


Operation: Rookie Blues
Realm: Krynn

As part of our newfound alliance Laurana Kanan has given us rights to one of her forts near her capitol Qualinost to be used as a training facility for new recruits. First class is on it’s way and command feels that sharing field experience is vital in training the rookies so a team of active wardens is to be sent on a special training exercise and accompany a group of rookies on a monster hunt. Since this is only a training exercise it should be a walk in the park for your agents.


Prije same igre igrači će odlučiti na koju od tri misije idu. Likove rade sami, a detaljna uputstva mogu pronaći u opisu Planewardens: Legacy of The Gatewatch kampanje.

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