Planewardens VIII

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Planewardens: Legacy of The Gatewatch

Planewardens OTK

Operational overview

Planewardens Corps HQ - Special Activities Branch - Confidential

Acting Director’s Log

It is with great sadness I must report that our Director, Lady Vandree has perished due to wounds suffered in the attack. We are now doing our best to pickup the pieces and while our headquarters lies in ruins our spirits are indomitable and our path even more clear. The Splinter House has been cleared from what remained of the enemy’s forces and our engineers have begun repairing the damage. We are now at a limited operational status but can start engaging missions again. While the Realmgate has been stolen we still have limited capacity to planeshift thanks to our wizards as well as our resident planeswalkers Nissa Revane and as it turn out Teferi who was voluntarily powering the Realmgate in the stasis chamber below the gate itself! It was actually he who discovered the Realmgate in the first place. Before dying Lady Vandree has named her successor - her cousin who is supposedly a famed ranger. I have my reservations but I trust her judgement and I will prepare for his arrival. In the meantime we have a mission package ready that prioritizes retrieving hostages and recovering the Realmgate.

Good luck to us all!


Operation: Saving Private Kyu
Realm: Mount Celestia

As you already know, the attack of the Silent Chorus on our HQ has robbed us of one of our most valuable assets - quartermaster Kyu, the warforged artificer. We have been pulling overtime in order to secure his return, and we have managed to locate his whereabouts. Reports have surfaced about a rogue Modron Squadron being led by a warforged headed for the town of Heart's Faith in Mount Celestia, with the likely intent to sack or destroy it. We are almost positive that their leader is Kyu, who has either been blackmailed or brainwashed. Extract Kyu, try not to damage him too much, kudos if you manage to save the town as well.


Operation: Vampire ball
Realm: Barovia

Count Strahd Von Zarovich of the Ravenloft infamy is holding a gala ball at his castle, and one of the guests of honor is none other than the Elspeth the All-Seeing, one of the main culprits responsible for the attack on our HQ. He is certainly one of the main movers-and-shakers of the Silent Chorus, and his capture should give us valuable intel, and help us bring deal a serious counterblow to our enemy. He will certainly be heavily guarded, so keep your wits about you. This is not a vengeance mission, we need him alive and unspoiled.


Operation: Retriever Blue
Realm: Shadowfell

The Realmgate is in Chorus hands and one of our priorities is to retrieve it. The Enemy thinks he got away with his prize but Teferi is attuned to the machine and can easily track it through the Multiverse, a fact that the Chorus is unaware of and will not expect us to react so swiftly. The machine is currently in the Shadowfell and is probably protected by Chorus’ elite forces backed by undead creatures which is evident from strong necrotic fields we are detecting around the target. We have an open window to sort this quickly before the enemy transports the gate away. Give them hell wardens and take our gate back!


Operation: Sandman
Realm: Astral Sea

Our efforts to track down Sarkhan Vol, one of the leaders of Silent Chorus have so far been in vain but one of our intel analysts may have deduced his location. Given the general difficulty in detecting him it is highly probable that Sarkhan is operating from a base within the Astral Sea. This is substantiated by reports from our Githzerai allies. We believe Sarkhan is holed up in a fortress on a god-isle in the Astral Plane and does not expect us. Still he is probably well guarded and is himself a powerful planeswalker so caution is advised. We know that he is being mind controlled by an ancient entity so finding a way to free him is preferable but if you are left without a choice -license to kill is in effect.


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