Planewardens XI

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Planewardens: Legacy of The Gatewatch

Planewardens OTK

Operational overview

Planewardens Corps HQ - Special Activities Branch - Confidential

Director’s Log

Change is not always growth, but growth is often rooted in change. I must admit the task at hand is much more challenging than initially evaluated but I see the fervour in the hearts of the men and women that I know command. I will continue on the legacy left by my late cousin and hunt the enemy in every corner of the multiverse. It’s time for the Silent Chorus to know fear.

We have work to do!



Operation: Retriever Blue
Realm: Shadowfell

The Realmgate is in Chorus hands and one of our priorities is to retrieve it. The Enemy thinks he got away with his prize but Teferi is attuned to the machine and can easily track it through the Multiverse, a fact that the Chorus is unaware of and will not expect us to react so swiftly. The machine is currently in the Shadowfell and is probably protected by Chorus’ elite forces backed by undead creatures which is evident from strong necrotic fields we are detecting around the target. We have an open window to sort this quickly before the enemy transports the gate away. Give them hell wardens and take our gate back!


Operation: Sunflower

Realm: Elysium

A mysterious chest holding an ancient artifact has been discovered in Elysium and needs to be moved as soon as possible. It must be ensured that the package does not fall into the wrong hands, and it is up to the wardens to relocate it to a secret location. Be cautious while transporting the package! Regardless of how easy the operation might seem, hidden danger lurks in the most unlikely of places and the enemy might be drawn to the powerful magics emanating from the artifact.


Operation: All That Glitters
Realm: The Grey Waste

The Silent Chorus seems to have an unlimited supply of gold to finance their schemes, the source of which has baffled our strategist, until now. A planewalker we have managed to rescue from Pluton, the lowest layer of The Gray Waste, has told us of an enormous city ruled by the demon prince Mammon, who has been financing various schemes and enterprises on the planes. One of the organisations financed is of course, the Silent Chorus. A substantial amount of Mammon's gold lies in the Vaults of Avarice, which hang perilously above the Coagulated Sea. Your mission is to find a way to loot the vaults, or make the gold in them worthless by any means necessary.


Operation: Into the Maw
Realm: Oerth

The Silent Chorus has awakened a Tarrasque that is now rampaging through the city of Greyhawk. It’s carapace is nigh immune to any magical or physical attack, but its innards are soft and vulnerable. Quartermaster Kyu has developed special suits that protect the wearer from the crushing forces and caustic acid within the creature. Your mission is to enter the beast “safely” by any means available, and put a stop to the destruction.


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