The Kingdom of Dawn

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After weeks of searching through ancient star charts and archival records, the Silverstar Knights have uncovered the location of the lost Nebula Crown. They are not alone in their search, however, as empress Ten-Sun seeks the crown to legitimize her rule. In two days time the stars will align and permit the knights to travel to the crown’s resting place, where they hope to claim it before Ten-Sun’s Legion of Dawn.

In the meantime the knights are hidden in their mundane forms. The transcendent spirits of the knights are passengers inside human hosts, who are still attending high school, and trying to have something resembling a normal life. Their home Castor City is in crisis. A curfew is in effect, and surveillance is omni-present. Citizens, especially young people, are protesting the city’s corruption, and the authorities are retaliating. The one space the protagonists can safely call home is their hideout, an ancient star chamber hidden in the city’s central park.

Girl by Moonlight is a multi-genre RPG of Magical Girls grappling with destiny: hopes thwarted, defended, redeemed, and betrayed. It explores the heartbreak of denying who you really are, fighting for what you believe in, and the transcendent power of relationships and community.

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