Iskloft - Grim Viking 5E

"Cattle die, kinsmen die. You yourself must some day die. Yet I know one thing which never dies. The judgement of a dead man's deeds." - Havamal. 

Iskloft. A frigid land of honour, brutality, greed and glory. Here, raiders sail the coasts, huskarls stand in shield walls, strange monsters lurk in the deep woods, and witches speak their curses. Jarls scheme in their longhalls, each trying to survive and even thrive in this harsh world. 

Iskloft is a viking themed setting for the 5th edition of the world's most popular roleplaying game. 

Inside Iskloft you'll find:

  • 180 pages of content, explaining the world, its customs, its people, and its new rules.
  • 6 classes. Play as the sacred Berserker, the stoic warrior Drengr, the world-wise wanderer Kyrrgangr, the warlord and commander Hersir, the shunned and hated Outlaw, or the mystical and powerful Seiðr.
  • Ninecultures, called Aettir, to replace race options. 
  • Culture specific feats, called Hefðir, including options that only the Drengr (the Fighter) can use, allowing them to specialise in combat forms.
  • 12 backgrounds, ranging from simple farmer or fisherman, to the disfigured, or the raiding viking.
  • New Mechanics! New skills, rules for traveling, new conditions, and rules for weapons degrading over time. 
  • New equipment, and powerful relics. 
  • Brutal Wounds. A critical hit brings dire consequences. Tables for lingering wounds for each type of damage, and for each location. This system is integrated into the classes, allowing some to deal particularly gruesome wounds.
  • Three entirely new magic systems: The songs of Odin, the power of runes, and the Nidðgaldr, which allows a caster to become possessed by spirits for power.
  • An adventure to bring you into the setting.
  • A bestiary, including many denizens of the world, and some of the strange and mighty monsters that lurk within it. 
Iskloft - Grim Viking 5E