Wicked Ones is a game about a group of evil monsters building a dungeon. You build traps and other defenses to keep the hoard you gather out of the hands of the greedy adventurers coming to steal it away. You play to find out just how long you can survive against the inevitable onslaught of heroism your misdeeds bring. You find out why monsters need to hoard all that gold, who builds all those traps, and how much fun killing adventurers is. You're the villains of this story. You are Wicked Ones.

Wildspace je igra koja vas vodi u svemirske pustolovine diljem galaksije. 

Worlds Without Number is a fantasy role-playing game, one fully compatible with the hit sci-fi game Stars Without Number. It's built from the ground up to provide gritty, hard-edged adventure in the fathomless future of the Latter Earth, a fantastic realm of time-lost sorcery, savage foes, and barbaric splendor.