This Discord Has Ghosts in It is a game of entering and exploring a haunted house filled with ghosts. that haunted house is a discord.

The discord is split up into rooms of a haunted house. ghosts haunt rooms and type their horror into them. Investigators explore each room all while narrating the horror to all players. Ghosts will reveal parts of themselves by creating new rooms, inspiring horror, and making the house a labyrinth. 

Originalni Traveller je jedan od prvih znanstveno-fantastičnih RPG sustava, te je prvi put vidio svjetlo dana davne 1977. i od onda je imao puno reizdanja i edicija. Mongoose Publishing 2008. vraća se korijenima igre ali komponira modernije elemente. 

A tabletop roleplaying game of dark forests, doomed treasure-hunters, and a world woven on a loom of rumor, history, and myth.

The fourth edition of the original dark fantasy roleplaying game, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay takes you back to the world where Chaos never sleeps. Drawing inspiration from the legendary early publications of the grimdark RPG, WFRP brings innovative twists to build on the beloved classic.